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Starting the recruiting process can be an intimidating task. Where to start? What to do? What matters? Underground Football uses a wealth of experience and knowledge to help players start the process and make smart decisions along the way.

Underground Football - A Football Resource.


"I've spent a lot of time in the football world and around multiple coaches. Rand Holdren has an ability to communicate, teach and connect with his players that is second to none. My #1 assessment is always, 'would I want my son to ‎play for that coach?' In Rand's case the answer is 100 percent yes. Highest recommendation I could give!"

Eric Tannenbaum

Founder Tannebaum Company

Executive Producer

"Rand has taught me the game of football in full and I can't imagine a better place. I owe so much to Rand and am lucky to have worked with him since my freshman year of High School."

Chad Kanoff

Arizona Cardinal

Ivy League Record Holder

"The Underground Football crew not only have the X's and O's down, they have a very special ability to connect with every student-athlete they work with."

Reuben Zuniga

Youth Coach



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A Football Resource.