• Rand Holdren

Above The Line - Book of the Month

Updated: Oct 2

After my first year as a Head Coach, and going 2-8 in the process, I needed to find a program philosophy. I had underestimated the need to have a clearly defined philosophy for the program to be grounded in. Above The Line helped me to create a clear and concise vision that would serve as a foundation for all involved with the program. Having everyone on the same page and operating from the same set of principles proved to be a necessity for a positive program and a turnaround to 6-4 in the second year.

In short, to be "Above The Line" means to be intentional, on purpose, and perform with skill. However, if you are "Below The Line", you are acting impulsive, resistant, and on autopilot. Being able to sum up most, if not all behaviors with an "above" or "below" the line characterization simplifies the communication process.

Above The Line not only helped me improve the program, but also my life. Highly recommended for anyone in charge of people.

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