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Updated: Sep 3

With the season officially pushed to January and a start date for a majority of programs moved to December, it is crucial to understand where we are at in the growth process for the kids. My goal for each athlete has always been for them to be at peak performance when they have to report to camp. Now, as disappointing as the schedule change is, it is important to stay focused, break it down and make the necessary adjustments to move forward in a productive manner.

What seems like an eternity now, is simply boiled down to three months. That's it. And with school starting, holidays right around the corner, that time will go fast. Seeing this addition of time as a positive, pulls into focus a nice block to regroup, continue in the weight room, polish the playbook, get a little faster, and perhaps spend some more time in the kitchen packing on the pounds. No matter what, it's a time to keep helping the boys continue to grow. Remember that everyone is at their own spot on their own journey but reaching their full potential is the goal for all. This break is going to further separate the kids on the field of play, and we need to make certain that our boys are on the correct side of that divide.


As expected the season has officially been postponed. Football practices to start December 14th and a full season will will kick-off January 8th. Please note that the play-off format has also been changed this season. In short, each team will be placed in the appropriate division at the conclusion of the season. We will dive more in depth on this at a later date.

LINK to CIF Press Release


With colleges cutting sports programs for revenue purposes, here is an interesting piece from Sportico making the case that programs should be added, not dropped.

University of Idaho president:

"By accounting for the tuition paid by non-scholarship athletes on those teams...he concluded that those programs were actually net profitable for the school."

LINK to Sportico Article


Trevor Moawad takes us through his journey helping athletes using the concept of "neutral thinking". He is the performance coach for numerous Championship caliber programs as well as Russell Wilson. With chaos around every corner, both on the field and off, being able to stay present is key in being the best that we can be. Further, the audio book is excellent as his voice has a zen-like quality to it.

LINK to Book

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