• Rand Holdren

Learn the Playbook...

As the season fast approaches you are going to be transitioning from physically dominated work to more mentally dominated work. Eventually these two will merge and you will be lined up across an opponent in no time. With that said, no matter what side of the ball you are on, you MUST understand and know the playbook that the coaches have taught you.

- What/who are you responsible for?

- What are the guys around you responsible for?

- What call do you have to make?

- Why do you have to make that call?

- What/who is your read?

It is imperative that guys know, and understand, what their responsibility is on every play. Remember, you want to play fast, without hesitation, and one cannot do so when he is thinking about what to do, or where to go.

If you need extra help ask. If you think it is an embarrassing question, ask during a water break or after practice. Be resourceful and find a way to figure out the answer to your questions. The last thing one should do is to fake it. I can tell you with certainty that coaches know who the guys are that are lost on each play.

The playbook come easier to some than they do others but that isn’t an excuse to not know your responsibilities. For those that struggle with the mental aspect of the game, spend some time on it. Not understanding because it is difficult is one thing, but not understanding because you haven’t looked at the playbook is something else. I am not saying it needs to be SAT type prep time, but a simple 15-20 minutes before bed or after practice goes a long way.

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