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Updated: Sep 3

With the football season in flux, I have received more inquiries than ever about the state of our game. In response to that, I am starting this email newsletter to hopefully help my team be the most informed they can be. Additionally, in this newsletter, I will include helpful articles to assist you in the positive growth of your athlete. In terms of the actual season we are approaching the point where firm decisions will have to be made. College will be decided soon, beginning with the Ivy League's decision this Wednesday, and I have posted information on the High School season below.

HIGH SCHOOL SEASON: As most private schools are back to conditioning and weights, most public schools lag behind. This will certainly be a cause of concern for competitive equity moving forward. The CIF plans to meet July 20th and will make a final decision on the season at that point. LINK to LA Times Article

HEALTH AND SLEEP: There has been a surge in questions regarding diet and sleep these last months. It is important to stay on top of these as the kids migrate towards bad snack food and video games late at night. Remind them to treat their food like gas in a car - Good intake will lead to better performance.

LINK to Kid's Health

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